Immigration Physicals

Family Healthcare of Fairfax, PC has personnel authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to perform immigration physicals. These immigration medical exams are required for anyone seeking a Green Card or adjusting their status to permanent U.S. resident.

Family Healthcare of Fairfax,PC will help ensure that you comply with all necessary requirements. If you need a copy of the latest I-693 form, then you can download it here.

Immigration Physical Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Photo identification:  Passport or other government issued ID with photo
  2. Vaccination records:  Bring all written vaccine records.  Records must be written in English. It is your responsibility to provide reliable English translations of all the vaccination records. Must bring white COVID vaccination card – photo is not acceptable.
  3. I-693 form: Must be filled out in BLACK INK ONLY . The applicant must complete Part 1 & Part 2 and fill in your name on the top of pages 2-13.  If the applicant requires the form to be prepared for them and/or needs an interpreter, that individual must be present with the applicant at both appointments.
  4. Method of payment:  We accept credit card or cash. Per USCIS, the charge for this examination must be paid for by the applicant, health insurance will not pay for this service.

 Payment of $390 plus the cost of any vaccines given on the first appointment is due at the end of the first appointment.