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  • Fiber: The Essential Guide September 11, 2019

    essential guide to fiber: Family Healthcare of Fairfax

    Why Is It Essential?

    Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive tract even though it’s the structural part of plant foods that our bodies can’t even absorb. However, most people fall short of the daily recommendations and miss out on ... Continue Reading

  • Essential Guide to Portion Sizes August 22, 2019

    Essential Guide to Portion Sizes: Family Healthcare of Fairfax

    Serving Size Vs. Portion Size

    We’ve all been there: after enjoying a quick snack, we check the nutrition label only to learn we’ve just eaten two, three or even four servings when we thought we were having one.  Our ... Continue Reading

  • Essential Guide to Fat August 14, 2019

    Essential Guide to Fat: Family Healthcare of FairfaxDon’t be afraid of fat. Not only does it make food taste good, but it also plays an important role in a healthy, balanced diet. Learn more about the basics of fat and how it can positively affect health ... Continue Reading

  • Keto Diet: Right for You? August 1, 2019

    Considering Keto: Is It the Right Diet for You?

    The truth is that a silver bullet for weight loss likely does not exist, but Americans’ perpetual search continues unabated. Low-carb diets such as Paleo, Whole30, and most ... Continue Reading

  • Are Eggs Bad For Heart Health? (Again) July 31, 2019

    Are eggs bad for heart health? Family Healthcare of FairfaxAsk the RD

    Although eggs were exonerated in recent years from their reputation as a hindrance to cholesterol, it’s difficult for individuals who are told one thing for decades to suddenly believe the opposite.

    The Science

    The 2015–2020 Dietary ... Continue Reading

  • A High-Fiber Diet Could Help You Live Longer July 24, 2019

    high-fiber diet helps you live longer: Family Healthcare of FairfaxAdd Years to Your Life

    Eating a fiber-filled diet doesn’t have to mean noshing on bran muffins and drinking prune juice. Avocados, raspberries, artichokes, lentils, kidney beans, and chickpeas are all high in fiber and can help you ... Continue Reading

  • The Surprising Link Between Pushups and Heart Health June 26, 2019

    The Surprising Link Between Pushups and Heart Health: Family Healtcare of FairfaxCardiovascular disease risk is usually assessed through a treadmill test, putting participants through their paces to determine how well their hearts respond to high-intensity exercise. But a recent study suggests there might be an easier way to ... Continue Reading

  • How to Win the Yo-Yo Diet Battle June 5, 2019

    how to win a diet battle: Family Healthcare of Fairfax

    The Diet Battle

    Losing weight then unintentionally regaining it over and over again isn’t just frustrating — it’s also been linked to a higher risk of death, according to ... Continue Reading

  • Healthy Food Choices Are Even More Important When You’re Stressed May 30, 2019

    Healthy food choices and stress: Family Healthcare of Fairfax

    Opting for healthier food choices can be challenging. It is even more challenging when you feel stressed. According to new research, 38% of adults eat unhealthy foods during periods of stress. But stress eating junk food can have ... Continue Reading

  • 3 Benefits of Cutting Back on Artificial Sweeteners May 22, 2019

    3 Benefits of Cutting Back on Artificial Sweeteners: Family Healthcare of Fairfax

    Artificial Sweeteners: Friend or Foe?

    The message for us to cut back on sugar is loud and clear. The average American eats more than 70 pounds ... Continue Reading