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  • NBC4 – Our Receptionist Vanessa Moir Receives COVID Vaccine January 7, 2021

    Our beloved receptionist, Vanessa Moir, who everyone knows and loves, was interviewed by NBC 4 in Washington DC the day she received her COVID vaccine, 12/30/20. Vanessa says she is delighted that scientists have worked so hard to protect people.

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  • Patient with COVID-19 Donates Plasma June 1, 2020

    COVID-19 Plasma Donation

    Clinical trials used to evaluate convalescent plasma for treating patients with COVID-19.

    Mark and his wife Kim were diagnosed with the coronavirus in early March, after returning from a trip to Fla.  ...

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  • The Safe Re-Opening Plan At Family Heathcare Of Fairfax May 16, 2020

    We will follow the disease data in Virginia and choose a prudent opening date for in-person office visits.


    Prior to resuming in-person office visits, our personnel will be tested for coronavirus and re-tested periodically. It has always been our policy that providers and staff are advised to ...

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  • Updates On Antibody Testing May 11, 2020


    Let’s start with the good news: the coronavirus pandemic update in the United States is slowing. Hospitals in NYC and around the country are no longer overwhelmed, and they have adequate PPE and ventilators. The death rate, which most consider a lagging indicator of disease, is trending down across the country. States are ...
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  • Dr. Shmorhun is in the news – Washington Examiner! April 18, 2020

    “It is too early to begin a comprehensive review of our response to the coronavirus here in the United States. We had warnings with HIV, SARS, MERS, H1N1, and Ebola, but we were not ready ...

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  • Testing, Treatments, Monitoring and Contract Tracing April 14, 2020

    Dear Patients,

    Cathy Tong and I compiled our ideas about how our country can move towards normalcy. These ideas are based on our experience with coronavirus so far and our judgment as family health practitioners. We do not claim to be experts on coronavirus or pandemics, but we have formulated what we consider a reasonable guide ...

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  • Stay Home To Reduce Exposure April 8, 2020

    Dear Patients,

    First, let me say how proud I am that the patients in our practice are doing a spectacular job of following the pandemic precautions recommended by the CDC. I have spoken to many of you over the last three weeks and clearly, everyone is compliant to the degree that is possible. I remind ...

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  • Remain Optimistic During the Pandemic March 31, 2020


    Many of you are struggling to remain optimistic during the coronavirus pandemic. Our staff has spoken to many who are afraid of the disease, afraid for the health of loved ones, afraid of shortages in stores and pharmacies and confused by the news they receive from the ...

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  • The Number of COVID-19 Cases in the US is Rising March 30, 2020


    The number of cases in the US is rising rapidly as testing has become more available. While the news seems to indicate that the number of people infected is doubling every few days, people need to understand that the number of positive tests indicates that the disease has been ...

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  • Coronavirus Pandemic Update March 30, 2020
    It has been a pleasure hearing positive feedback from so many of you about our communications regarding the coronavirus pandemic. We at Family Healthcare are meeting every day and adjusting our protocols and procedures as circumstances evolve and change. We continue to see both well and sick visits and have segregated well visits ...
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