Recap: Aging in Place

The Keys to Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling Senior Living Revealed at Dr. Shmorhun’s “Aging in Place” Seminar

At Dr. Shmorhun’s recent, well-attended educational event for older adults and their families, he shared the keys to navigating a smooth and satisfying transition to the senior years. Bringing his decades of experience helping senior patients successfully cope with this important life passage, Dr. Shmorhun emphasized the need for individuals to prepare an action plan, and work on it consistently with family members and the dedicated team at Family Healthcare of Fairfax.

He encouraged the group to consider important health, home, transportation and social factors when planning. These include an assessment of current medical conditions and care required; preparing the home for future changes in living situations; a realistic evaluation of driving abilities and safety behind the wheel; and identifying the proximity and availability of family and friends for a reliable network of help when needed. Equally important: “Make a list of your hopes and dreams for life as a senior, and get started!” said Dr. Shmorhun.

“From our perspective as medical professionals, seniors who dedicate time to this process are happiest long-term, prepared for both life’s future pleasures and challenges,” he told the group. “Senior years are wonderful! We want you to be happy and enjoy this beautiful phase of your life.”

Take a look below at some key moments from the event.