Our Innovative Diabetes Program

Our innovative diabetes program will teach you how and why to make lifestyle changes, and help you overcome obstacles in maintaining a healthier life.

$300 for New Patients.

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Read more about the Diabetes and Prediabetes epidemic.
  • 87% of patients improve sugar levels
  • 60% of patients decrease medications or eliminate some completely.

Dr. Shmorhun discussing his diabetes program

Try our strong, life-changing path to better health.

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The program has been a life-changing experlence, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to take charge of their diabetes rather than being a victim.
During and since the Program started, I began to have hope. I am now back in control of my own health and my own body. It is wonderful to have my life back.
The Intensive DM program has given me the information and tools I need to improve my health and enhance the quality of my life. I now have real hope to live a longer, happier life.
I now know what types of food we should be eating to help maintain proper sugar levels and lose weight at a steady rate. I would highly recommend this program.
Before the program, I was preparing for death. Now I'm preparing for Life!
I really appreciate you doing this program. The Information and tools you gave us were great. We know you care!