Coronavirus Pandemic Update

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It has been a pleasure hearing positive feedback from so many of you about our communications regarding the coronavirus pandemic. We at Family Healthcare are meeting every day and adjusting our protocols and procedures as circumstances evolve and change. We continue to see both well and sick visits and have segregated well visits into the morning, with limited sick patient visits in the afternoon. We disinfect the office thoroughly multiple times per day. Many appointments are now conducted by video visit and these are working amazingly well. These visits allow us to “see” people who are due for a visit, do individualized COVID question and advice sessions and most importantly to “see” patients with illnesses in order to decide if they need a visit here or elsewhere.
We encourage everyone to continue calling for visits. We can help you decide whether an in-person or video visit is appropriate for you. For a video visit, all you need is a computer with a camera or a smart phone. It is easy to do.
Children under 18 months should stay on schedule for their visits. The bulk of immunizations happen between birth and 18 months and we cannot risk outbreaks of the preventable illnesses those immunizations target. We will do our best to provide a safe environment in our office.
  • Need a refill or due for your follow up?
A video visit is what the CDC and your insurance plan is encouraging you to do if. (Some patients will be advised that an in-person visit is necessary)
  • Sick and want us to evaluate you?
Schedule a virtual visit.
  • Worried about coronavirus and need your questions answered?
Schedule a “face to face” visit with Cathy or me.
Many of you have asked how we are doing, so I would like to announce that we are OK. We are adjusting to a completely different way of caring for our patients and it has been stressful, but the staff remains dedicated and focused. I very much appreciate their professionalism.
Yours in good health,
Dr. S

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