Our Concierge Medicine Practice

Family Practice is the one specialty where the physician and nurse practitioner are trained to provide and coordinate health care for all members of the family, from newborns to seniors. We strive to help patients achieve optimal health and to actively participate in the management of their personal medical problems. Our wellness and preventive care statistics exceed national averages and health care plan goals.
Although family doctors are trained to handle 95% of your health care needs, we are especially helpful when things get complicated and care from a specialist is needed Our providers have developed close relationships with highly qualified local specialists, which facilitates optimal care of complex medical problems. Our providers and staff will direct you to the right specialist and communicate with that doctor throughout the course of your illness.
We strongly believe that your medical care is best managed in one place by a highly skilled team of providers. If you have a cut that needs stitches, an injury that may need X-rays, or a skin growth that needs to be biopsied, we have the training to help you right in our office. You don’t have to travel to a cardiologist for your blood pressure, an endocrinologist for your thyroid condition, an orthopedist for a backache or a gastroenterologist for your stomach pain. We take care of these conditions every day. In fact, we not only have the training but also adequate time to treat you and answer all of your questions. Appointments are much easier to schedule and your co-payment is lower than in a specialist’s office!
We can schedule an appointment within two weeks and take care of your gynecologic needs.
Our nursing staff will help alleviate the “fear factor” and assist you with the school forms.
Every individual is unique…with their own history, health conditions, ethics, and emotions. Our goal is to put the healthcare system to work for you. This includes providing a comfortable and relaxed setting with quality time to evaluate your particular issues. We believe every patient needs someone to explain their medical issues and challenges in terms they understand. This includes being afforded ample time to ask questions and provide answers.
We will focus on prevention and wellness, not just taking care of you when you are ill. Our definition of wellness includes nutrition, fitness, and emotional well-being. Our goal is to work together proactively, to improve your health, to reduce the potential for hospital visits, and to enhance your quality of life as you age.
We will be able to care for you on the same day or within 24 hours of your call. Your appointment time will be honored, and you will be seen promptly in an unhurried fashion. We intend to ensure there will be ample opportunity to address your medical needs at each visit. In general, your annual wellness exam will be 60 minutes, and all other appointments will be 30 minutes in length.
During office hours, our staff will answer your calls directly and will assist you with your needs. We encourage patients to call with any questions or concerns regarding their health. If consultation is needed, and we are unable to take your call immediately, one of us will return your call promptly. After office hours or on weekends and holidays, you can reach us directly on our cell phones for urgent issues at any time of the day or night whether you are at home or traveling.
Office visits are best scheduled during normal office hours when the full complement of staff is available. However, should you require occasional visits outside of our traditional office hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.
If a parent opts to join our personalized care practice, we will be happy to care for his/her dependent children from newborn to age 26 without an additional annual fee.

Should an out-of-town family member or friend become ill during a visit to the Fairfax area, we will be happy to see them in the office and assist with their medical care as though they were a member of our practice.
When serious illness and injury happen, we are there for you. We will be your advocate to help you navigate the maze of modern healthcare. We will offer counsel regarding serious illness and end-of-life issues.
As a member of our concierge medicine practice you can expect to receive the same high standard of care we have always delivered to our patients. You will continue to receive our honest, compassionate, and heartfelt dedication to your individual needs. The difference? You will receive more of it.